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EYP an der Schule 2012

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Vom 29. bis 31. August tagt das European Youth Parliament an der GvB. Die Parlamentarier/innen kommen aus den Klassen 10a und 10b sowie aus verschiedenen Kursen der Oberstufe. Unter der Anleitung von Moderatoren des Vereins Europäisches Jugendparlament in Deutschland e.V. (EYP) aus Polen, Lettland, Estland, Frankreich und Deutschland arbeiten die ca. 70 Delegierten in parlamentarischen Ausschüssen und entwickeln Resolutionen zu unterschiedlichsten Themen. Der Höhepunkt der drei Tage: die Sitzung des Parlaments am 31.8., in der die Resolutionen diskutiert und abgestimmt werden.

Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) Migration:
Many faces, different spaces: In an EU of freedom of movement and continuing immigration from abroad, is it possible to find a compromise between multiculturalism and assimilation to realise a Europe united in diversity?
Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) Education:
Education and equal opportunities: In what way can the EU contribute to develop and sustain socially equitable primary and secondary education systems in all Member States?
Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Energy:
Rethinking Europe's energy supply: While a few Member States already terminated their nuclear energy programmes, others start to expand, should the EU formulate a common stance on nuclear energy and what should it entail?
Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Facebook:
With Facebook causing a widespread debate on data protection and the right of privacy: How can the EU balance the call for data security and the advantages of social networks, especially considering the heterogeneous legal situation and contrasting understandings of privacy in different Member States?
Committee on Constitutioal Affairs (AFCO) Voting age:
Voting age at 16, youth ministers and youth parliaments: In light of pressing demands for an increased active youth citizenship in Europe, how should European governments react to the growing calls for wider youth participation?
Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) HIV epidemic:
With more than half of European HIV infections estimated to originate in Eastern Europe, less than a quarter of those in need have access to antiretroviral therapy there: What can the EU do to prevent the further spread of HIV and guarantee treatment for all infected Europeans?
Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) Israeli-Palestinian conflict:
A two-state solution as the only way out? How can the EU support the search for solutions to end the on-going conflict and advance negotiations between Israel and Palestine?

Wir sind gespannt auf lebhafte Diskussionen und neue Anregungen des politischen Nachwuchses.

Und hier Bericht und Fotos zum Ereignis.

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